Founded: 1936
Capacity: 2,000
Names of ends: Willows, Clubhouse



On Tuesday 18th February 1936 at meeting was held in Eglinton Orange Hall which was presided over by Rev W.E Boggs. 


The meeting was called to propose to organise cricket in the Eglinton District, the current ground was procured and leased for the purpose of senior and junior cricket.  Killaloo Cricket Club senior team found it impracticable to carry on that year and quite a few of the players where willing to play for the new club.  Also it was pointed out that it was necessary to call the team Killaloo CC explaining that it only by doing this that there was any chance of admittance to the senior Division of the North West of Ireland Cricket Union.  It was then put to a vote and the name of both Senior and junior teams would be called Killaloo for the time being.  At this meeting of the new cricket club it was proposed that Dr A H Montgomery be Club Secretary and D.H McCombe be Club Treasurer.  The first committee of the new Killaloo Cricket Club consisted of:


Rev W.E Boggs – Chairman

Dr A. H Montgomery – Secretary

Jas McKeegan

Jas Torrens

T McCarrow

J.B Archibald

J.J Evans


At another meeting on 30th June 1936 it was declared that the name of the Cricket Club would be changed to Eglinton Cricket Club.


The Club's first success came when the Senior Cup was won in 1944 and in 1956 Eglinton won the treble which in those days consisted of the League, Faughan Valley and North West Cups, In this treble winning team there were a number of local players with the likes of Lawrence King, Jimmy Moore and Tommy Allen.  Eglinton have won the North West Cup on numerous occasions since, most recently in 2006, also the second team have recently had success when, under former captain Oscar Mailey, they defeated Donemana in the NW Intermediate A Cup in 2005 and the third eleven won the Intermediate B Cup under Warren McIntyre by 10 wickets against North Fermanagh in 2006.     


Later on in future years Tommy Allen was to become more involved with the running of the cricket club, serving as the club secretary for 44 years, which is tremendous as this is a purely voluntary and important job within every club.


The next stage in the evolution of Eglinton Cricket Club was being the first North West Cricket Club to  open our own Clubhouse. This was built in 1972.

Eglinton were the first club to bring a overseas professional to the local game. This came about by chance as the first pro was Tony Opapha from Sri Lanka as he originally came to Eglinton with his countries tour squad to play against Ireland at Eglinton in 1979 and stayed at Eglinton for the remainder of the season and did not return back to Sri Lanka with the rest of the squad.  Other Professionals that have been at Eglinton have included Surinder Amarnath 1980 - 1981, Raymond Moan 1982, Hendy Wallace 1983 – 1997, Ridley Jacobs 1998 (who  after leaving Eglinton went on the play for the West Indies the next season), Heath Davis 1999, Vanka Pratrap 2000 – 2004, Keith Hibbert 2005, Niroshan Bandaratilake 2006 (who was a member of the North West Senior Cup winning team versus Strabane in 2006), Arjun Yadav 2007, Pravajan Mulluck 2008 and for 2009, West Indian Simon Jackson. In 2010 our overseas professional was Australian Adam Knechick and for 2011 it was Zimabwean Ryan Butterworth.


Over the years Eglinton have had numerous Ireland Internationals including Scott Huey, Wesley Ferris, Shaun Bradley, Nigel Thompson, Stephen Smyth, Alan Jeffery, and Jeremy Bray who played in the Ireland team that was successful in the West Indies at the World Cup in 2007.where he scored a century against Zimbabwe.

Other internationals to have played for the Club were Tony Opatha (Sri Lanka) Surinder Amarnath (India) Bobby Rao (India and Ireland), Ridley Jacobs (West Indies) and Heath Davis (New Zealand).

At the end of the 2011 season Eglinton were relegated to Section 2,  but they regained their position in the new Premier League with a 100% league record in 2012, also winning the Sammy Jeffrey Cup, and beating Glendermott in the play off.

The Club is rightly proud of it's playing facilities which are recognised as being amongst the best in Ireland and many first class games have been played in Eglinton. Probably the most famous was the game between Ireland and Australia in 1997. Australia had just beaten England in the Ashes series and the biggest crowd to have attended a cricket match in Ireland up to that time packed into the ground.

Many Cup finals have been played at Eglinton including All Ireland Finals, Club Turf Ulster Finals and North West Finals.