Eglinton Cricket Club - Good Relations Policy

Eglinton Cricket Club is committed to providing services in a way that protects the dignity of all individuals and groups that participate with the Club. This committment extends to all volunteers, user groups, managements and sporting partners. Race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, political association, religious beliefs and cultural orientation are things to be celebrated and protected.

Eglinton Cricket Club will not discriminate on the basis of any of the above factors, and will work to enable all individuals and groups that are associated with the Club to feel safe and valued.

Any type of harassment, but most particularly that associated with the above factors, will be dealt with immediately with appropiate procedures.

Eglinton Cricket Club is an actively anti discrimination and anti sectarian sports club. All volunteers, management committee members, players, user groups, and sporting partners must agree to abide by this anti discrimination policy when working with Eglinton Cricket Club in any capacity.