Eglinton Cricket Club - Anti sectarian policy

Eglinton Cricket Club is non-party political and is committed to promoting community relations and has an anti sectarian approach in it's work.

Sectarianism can be endemic in the values, attitudes and structures of society in Northern Ireland, including that of the sporting sector. Eglinton Cricket Club recognises that the effects of sectarianism are incompatible with it's aims and values and therefore seeks to develop community relations and combat sectarianism at club, individual and communtity levels.

Eglinton Cricket Club is committed to ensuring that it's equal opportunities and anti sectarian policies are implemented and their effectiveness monitored and evaluated.

As an equal opportunities sports club, we strive to protect the rights of all volunteers, supporters and players to participate in an environment free from sectarianism in any form such as intimidation, discrimination, victimisation, harassment, coercion or abuse.

Eglinton Cricket Club acknowledges the rights of volunteers and players to hold and develop their own particular religious beliefs and political affilations, however, Eglinton Cricket Club demands that all who participate within Eglinton Cricket Club in their dealings with others during activities, take due care to ensure that no offence is caused to another's feelings by an action which could be deemed to be sectarian or intimidatory.

Eglinton Cricket Club will seek to provide opportunities for volunteers, players and supporters to develop community relations and anti sectarian awareness and practice.

Intimidation or harassment in any form, whether intentional or not, in unacceptable.